Stuif's Adventures

Last month Multiply announced that they would stop their social network service.            Login
They promised to provide their users with migration tools, but it is not clear at the moment whether they will keep this promise and if so, to which social network sites they will support migration.

Therefore I decided to transfer my albums, including the comments, to my own website. The result of this (major) operation can be seen below..:-) At first I named it Multiply on Stuif, but that seems to be confusing for my contacts, so it has now been renamed to Stuif's Adventures.

The albums are public, but to add a comment, you must have registered first. You can register here, or later, when you want to add a comment.

Taiping, THS weekend, November 2014
59 Photos 1 comment

A Heritage Trip, September 2014
89 Photos 2 comments

Norway June 2014
139 Photos  

Johore Visit, February 2014
73 Photos 2 comments

Houses of Worship in KL 31-1-2014
76 Photos 1 comment

Sabah November 2013
96 Photos 5 comments

Barcelona September 2013
76 Photos  

Trip with Pat and Roger 25-6-2013
52 Photos  

Terengganu trip, June 2013
71 Photos  

Another nice outing, 21-4-2013
34 Photos 6 comments

Fifteen years
57 Photos 7 comments

A dream come true!
58 Photos 1 comment

Waterfalls of Perak, March 2013
59 Photos 5 comments

Melaka Minitrip March 2013
29 Photos  

Ireland, December 2012
68 Photos 2 comments

Stedelijk Museum, 14-12-2012
25 Photos 2 comments

MyCat Trip (24-25)-11-2012
60 Photos 3 comments

Pisang waterfall, 10-11-2012
27 Photos  

Yolanda's visit, October 2012
77 Photos 10 comments

Closure, finally! 14-10-2012
30 Photos 9 comments
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