Geocaching is a mixture between a game and a sport. You have to make use of a GPS (Global Positioning System) device. With these high-tech gadgets it is possible to determine your position on earth with an accuracy of about 10 m.

The sport is this:
First you prepare a small watertight container with the following content:
  • A small notebook and a pen or pencil.
  • Some small gifts
This container is called a Geocache.
The next step is to go on a trip, a walk or an expedition. You take your GPS with you and the container.
You look for a suitable place to hide the container.
You take the coordinates of this spot as accurately as possible.
Back home you register your Cache with This site is dedicated to the geocaching sport. Until now (february 2003) more than 40.000 geocaches have been hidden in 161 countries!
This is the Hide part of the game.

The Seek part doesn't need much explanation. With the coordinates of a Geocache in your GPS you start a trip (walk, expedition) and you try to find it. If you are succesfull, you write your data in the logbook, take a gift, leave another one, and, back home, you report your success to
That's it!

Until now we have placed eleven Geocaches and found four.