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Three times Dipang
In September 2009, on the first day of Hari Raya, I went to Pos Dipang for the first time, and visited two beautiful waterfalls there. During that trip I met Jinnah, a friendly Semai guy from Pos Dipang, who told me there were more falls upstream.

Since then I have revisited Pos Dipang three more times! I consider it one of the most spectacular waterfall regions in Peninsular Malaysia.

The first time was on 14-1-2010 with Joe Yap and two of her friends. A recce to the first two falls, because she had planned a trip with her WS. It gave me the opportunity to talk with Jinnah about those upper falls.
Ten days later I went again, with Rani and Dennis. We needed Jinnah's help to chop a trail down to one of the upper falls and had to do some river and boulder trekking. Two tiers, unspoiled and pristine.

On the way back, Jinnah told us that there was another fall, very tall like Lata Kinjang, but a long hike, we should stay overnight and leave early the next morning. Interesting!

So, on the first day of the CNY 2010, Rani and I went again. First we visited the Salu falls and late afternoon we arrived in Pos Dipang, where we got permission from the Tok Batin to camp. The next morning we left early, Jinnah had brought his friend Bariek, because the trail had not been used for years, so much chopping would be needed.

And yes, the trail was heavily overgrown in many places. I almost stepped on a python, a scary experience. Legions of leeches too. I took us more than three hours of hiking and a 400 m climb to reach our destination.
Finally we reached the Dipang river in between two tiers of impressive waterfalls. One tier you can only view from the top, you would have to be spiderman to climb down. The other one, viewed from the bottom is like Kinjang indeed, very tall.

We had our lunch there, Bariek caught some fish and then we had to go back, three hours, fortunately we had splendid weather.

What a splendid adventure!

Thanks to Rani for many of the pictures, as I had a problem with my own camera. So maybe I must come back another time...:-) To be honest, I would not mind.

Recce with Joe and her friends

Boulder trekking with Rani and Dennis

We reach the upper fall

Lower tier

Upper tier

Rani meets Jinnah

Pos Dipang

Our campsite

Rani preparing dinner

Rani cooking the dinner

Me eating the dinner

Me cleaning the dishes..:-)

Moths enjoying my sweaty short
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Start of the hike

Time for a short rest

I almost stepped on this python!

How to continue?

A stick insect

Another rest

We reach the Dipang river

Nice waterfalls

Time to relax

Looking down to the cascades

Would be madness to go down here

Sg Dipang between the two tiers

The upper fall

Very impressive

Vey tall
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So beautiful

My personal marker

Bariek in action

Jinnah preparing lunch

I look so happy...:-)!

More waterfalls

Many more.

The five Dipang waterfalls
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wrote on Feb 18, 2010:
nice waterfall adventure u have. congratulation

wrote on Feb 18, 2010:
What a rewarding waterfall trip. I'm glad these falls aren't easily accessible and can remain in their pristine condition.

wrote on Feb 18, 2010:
Oh my, he's huge! Look at his eyes.

wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
sifu... why u always bump into snakes???????? arghhhh....... but really nice waterfall... :)

wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
you are lucky there was enough salt to satisfy them. otherwise you would have a lacy pants. /stephen

Liz wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
How far did you have to carry all the barang?

Kwai Loh wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
The car was parked next to my tent, haha. Rani's tent was about 5 meter down, near the river.

wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
huge all right! and a beaut! how many handbags would you be able to get out of him or her? ;)
how far away were you when you took this picture? /stephen

Liz wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
Hope you didn't have him for lunch.

Kwai Loh wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
Picture has been cropped. It was taken from about 1 meter distance.

Kwai Loh wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
We were happy that he did not have US for lunch!

wrote on Feb 19, 2010:
It is very big...huge.... nice

wrote on Feb 20, 2010:
Ha ha. Yes, he looks a little bit hungry. Actually if you look at him long enough, he's really rather cute. Beautiful skin.

wrote on Feb 21, 2010:
Fantastic trip and unparrallel reporting

wrote on Mar 2, 2010:
Now you are beginning to see snakes.

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